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[ man ] martin o'malley -- taking on bg&e to stop the rate hikes. [ female announcer ] never happened -- your bill went up 72%. and o'malley gave the bureaucrat who approved the rate hike a huge raise. now martin o'malley promises we're moving forward. the fact of the matter is our economy is doing much better now. [ female announcer ] really? nearly 7,000 marylanders lost their jobs last month. four years ago, martin o'malley misled us. now he's just making stuff up. bob ehrlich. we can do better.
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a gunman at the university of texas walked into the library and started shooting and then turned the gun on himself. no one else was injured. parents are pushing for new laws designed to make teen drivers safer on the road.
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the stand up act would require drivers to be 16 years for a permit and 18 for a full license. and cell phone use would be out lawed in the car. and if it becomes law, 4000 lives could be saved each and every year. david beckham filed a lawsuit against "intouch" magazine saying he had sex with a prostitute. the lawsuit claims that the publisher knowingly reported false information. the former prostitution claimed it happened in 2007. and take another live look outside. stick around, your forecast is 2 1/2 minutes away. first, here's a look at today's midday stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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